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AVM(Around View Monitoring) System

As the rapid increase in traffic accidents has become a social issue due to the advancement of the automobile industry, research on driver assistance systems that can prevent accidents in advance is being actively conducted.

Accordingly, the AVM (Around view monitoring) system, which was born for the driver's safe driving in the vehicle, was jointly developed in 2007 by Clarion, a Japanese automotive AV company, and Nissan.

This technology was introduced for the first time in the world, and it is a technology that monitors the 360-degree situation around the vehicle in real time by installing multiple cameras in the vehicle and displays it to the driver.

Recently, most imported cars are equipped with genuine parts and provided to consumers, and domestic automakers are also gradually expanding their application from luxury passenger vehicles to small and medium-sized vehicles.

In addition to gradually strengthening safety regulations, related markets are also rapidly increasing around the world.

Automatic parking assist system

T-shaped automatic parking system of Volkswagen ‘Park Assist 2.0’

The parking assistance system acquires distance and space information from an obstacle using an ultrasonic sensor when parking or reversing a vehicle,it collects external real-time visual information through the camera installed in the vehicle and provides it to the driver to prevent vehicle accidents in advance.

These parking assist systems have been continuously evolving with the development and application of related technologies by global car makers in different eras.

It has gradually evolved into an automatic parking assistance system that allows the vehicle to autonomously search for external information without human intervention and park itself by operating the steering wheel.

In addition, automatic parking assist technology can be said to be a technology that is the foundation of self-driving cars, which is currently emerging as the biggest issue in the automobile industry.

Automatic parking assist system

Hyundai Motor Company’s ‘SPAS’ system searching for a parking space
BMW ‘PDC’ system

The parking distance warning function (PDC) recognizes the distance to an object using a rear-view camera that indicates the turning radius and trajectory and eight sensors built into the front and rear bumpers of the car. In particular, it has also developed a system that allows the driver to park the car in the garage with a single remote control after getting out of the car.

Ford ‘APA’ system

Active Park Assist (APA) works with ultrasonic sensors mounted on the front and rear of the vehicle at the touch of a button to automatically find available parking spaces.
Likewise, parking is possible by manipulating the transmission and brake pedal, and information is provided in real time through voice and side mirror warnings.
In particular, it works even on hills such as downhill roads, minimizing restrictions in mountainous Korean terrain.

Mercedes-Benz ‘APA’ system

Active Park Assist (APA) allows you to freely park your car without using your hands at speeds of less than 20 km/h when reverse gear is engaged.
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Business direction

We will create a more convenient driving environment through the development of innovative technologies for AVM System and automatic parking assist system!

The core competencies of Fuentech are based on camera module development technology and embedded system development technology.
The foundation technology of AVM System and automatic parking assist system is the convergence of camera image algorithm interpretation and processing technology and sensing technology. In addition, sophisticated software algorithm technology should be the basis.
Fuentech is constantly striving to possess these core technologies and develop innovative technologies.
The AVM System and the automatic parking assist system market are the core businesses that Fuentech is aiming for, and they will serve as the basis for the company to achieve sustainable growth and achieve a further evolution.
To this end, Fuentech will spare no effort in concentrating on company-wide strategies and making all kinds of investments.