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We aim to become a global camera module manufacturer with future competitiveness by pursuing innovative technology development.

The global camera module market, led by smartphones, continues to grow every year.
In addition, as new demand markets such as the CCTV industry, automobile industry, and robot industry, which are front application industries, are rapidly emerging, commercialization through prior technology development in the United States, Japan, and Germany is gradually increasing.
In particular, the automotive camera module market, which is an image-based application market, is experiencing a significant increase in demand as safety regulations to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians are strengthened worldwide.
With the rapid emergence of new markets such as cameras and drone cameras, the trend is gradually miniaturization, precision, and convergence with other industries.

Accordingly, Fuentech is continuing its efforts to expand each business area by adjusting its business strategy to the automotive camera module, black box camera module, and robot camera module markets based on its core technology in the field of micro-miniature camera module.
In addition, we are not complacent, we are constantly developing innovative technologies, possessing basic technologies, and continuing investments to secure future competitiveness. We will continue to implement strategies to grow into a global camera module manufacturer.

Automotive Camera Module Market

Global automotive camera market size

  • 1.43 billion dollars in 2012 (approximately 1.5 trillion won)
  • 2 billion dollars in 2013 (approximately 2.1 trillion won)
  • 2.67 billion dollars in 2014 (approximately 2.8 trillion won)
  • 3.52 billion dollars in 2015 (approximately 3.7 trillion won)
The growth rate continues to rise rapidly.

(Source: TSR)