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Challenge spirit, Innovative technology
Creating customer value, Contributing to human society


Based on innovative technology through challenges and creative ideas, we provide new value to customers and contribute to human society to create a future where people can live a better and happier life.


Growing into a World-class company based on secondary battery charging and discharging technology, which is an eco-friendly energy.

Through ‘Challenge and Creativity’ and ‘Open Management of Trust and Consideration’, we create products and services that can give the highest satisfaction to our customers, and pursue sustainable ‘ethical responsibilities, social roles and contributions’.


Challenge and creativity

We seek to achieve our goals by developing sustainable and innovative technologies based on a spirit of challenge and creative ideas that are not afraid of failure.

Open management based on trust and consideration

We provide new value to our customers by cultivating talented people through lifelong learning based on trust, respecting and caring for each other's diversity with an open mind, and growing together through open management.

Ethical responsibility and social contribution

We pursue corporate social roles and contributions such as ethical management, fair trade, sincere tax payment, respect for life, and family-friendly management by maintaining a clean organizational culture based on justice and morality.